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Xmail and UebiMiau 2.7.2

- XMail::Ctrl - Perl module to access the administration protocol ( CTRL ) of XMail by Aaron Johnson <>

you need to add this libs(Utils::xmailini, Utils::spd) to your perl INC dirs..."/usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/..."

modify with your Xmail CtrlAccount info

put this cgi (password-change.cgi) in your cgi-bin dir and modify the redirect url...


And now the modifications to UebiMiau files:

For every theme you use you need to modify the preferences.htm file by adding near the bottom of the file the form for changing passwd with the ACTION url pointing to the password-change.cgi location...I'll give you my preferences.htm file for the theme.

<td colspan=2 class=headers><b>{#prf_changepass_title#}</b></td>
<form name=form3 action="http://localhost/cgi-bin/password-change.cgi" method=POST>
<td class=default size="20%"> &nbsp;{#prf_old_password#}</td>
<td class=default><input type=password name=oldpassword size=30 value="" class="textbox"></td> </tr>
<td class=default size="20%"> &nbsp;{#prf_new_password#}</td>
<td class=default><input type=password name=newpassword size=30 value="" class="textbox"></td> </tr>
<td class=default size="20%"> &nbsp;{#prf_new1_password#}</td>
<td class=default><input type=password name=newpassword1 size=30 value="" class="textbox"></td> </tr>
<td bgcolor=white></td>
<td bgcolor=white><br>
<input type=hidden name=username value="{$umUser}">
<input type=hidden name=errormsg value="{#prf_errormsg#}">
<input type=submit value="{#prf_change_password#}" class="button">

For every language that you are going to use you need to add the next lines in the [Preferences] section:

prf_changepass_title = Change Password
prf_old_password = Old password
prf_new_password = New password
prf_new1_password = Verify new password
prf_change_password = Change password
prf_errormsg = New password failed check


I hope this works for you too and if you have any questions or oyu improve the code in any way, give me a message.